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It’s been a busy time for me and I have not been able to blog in a while now. However, after the long hiatus, I bring you these images I shot recently in Nyeri. I must say having a fellow photographer as a client is quite the challenge because you have to deliver their visual imagination.

The baby bump shoot for Wanjiku Wa Wanderi was soo much fun and am glad we executed it just the way she wanted. These images represents and celebrate her journey to motherhood.

Photographer: Japheth Kagondu

Assistants: Dann Mchoraji & Charity Karanja

Location: Italian Memorial Church, Mathari and Hillfarm Coffee Estate in Nyeri.

IMG_1501_pp. (1024x683) IMG_1474_pp (1024x683) IMG_1468_pp (1024x683) IMG_1519 (1024x683) IMG_1464_pp (1024x683) IMG_1516_pp (683x1024) IMG_1487_pp (1024x683) IMG_1456_pp (1024x683) IMG_1494_pp (683x1024) IMG_1499_pp (1024x683) IMG_1632_pp (1024x683) IMG_1628_pp (1024x683) IMG_1599_pp (1024x683) IMG_1626_pp (683x1024) IMG_1660_pp (1024x683) IMG_1652_pp (683x1024) IMG_1590_pp (683x1024) IMG_1447 (683x1024) IMG_1425_pp (683x1024) IMG_1417_pp (683x1024) IMG_1543_pp (1024x683) IMG_1565_pp (683x1024) IMG_1530_pp (683x1024) IMG_1552_pp (683x1024) IMG_1569_pp (1024x683) IMG_1713_pp (683x1024) IMG_1728_pp (1024x683) IMG_1735_pp (683x1024) IMG_1754_pp (1024x707) IMG_1781_pp (1024x683) IMG_1759_pp (1024x683) IMG_1784_pp (1024x683) IMG_1766_pp (1024x683) IMG_1900_pp (1024x683) IMG_1917_pp (1024x683) IMG_1909_pp (1024x683) IMG_1879_pp (1024x683) IMG_1902_pp (1024x683) IMG_1911_pp (683x1024) IMG_1925_pp (1024x683) IMG_1907_pp (683x1024) IMG_1929 (683x1024) IMG_1949_pp (683x1024) IMG_1958_pp (1024x683) IMG_1960_pp (683x1024) IMG_1675 (1024x683)