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Another wedding i shot recently. This event was well planned and i had an awesome day shooting precious moments for Stella & Aziz aka StellAziz.

I shot thousands of images, but here are a few of the best images.
IMG_1535 IMG_1753 IMG_1700 IMG_1812 IMG_1553_2 IMG_1547 IMG_1516_2 IMG_1512_2 IMG_1522_2 IMG_1527_2 IMG_1559 IMG_1565_2 IMG_1609 IMG_1578 IMG_1642 IMG_1690 IMG_1653_2 IMG_1580 IMG_1824 IMG_1822 IMG_1864 IMG_1884 IMG_1936

IMG_1563_2 IMG_1550_2 IMG_1585_2 IMG_1657_2 IMG_1678_2 IMG_2040 IMG_2064 IMG_2079 IMG_1642_2 IMG_1756_2 IMG_1728_2 IMG_2231 IMG_2015 IMG_1833_2 IMG_2315 IMG_2318 IMG_2343 IMG_2338 IMG_1812_2 IMG_1815_2 IMG_2636 IMG_2392 IMG_2408 IMG_2458 IMG_2441 IMG_2436 IMG_2465 IMG_2405 IMG_2480 IMG_2491 IMG_2510 IMG_2587 IMG_2554 IMG_2553 IMG_2602 IMG_2538 IMG_2608 IMG_2622 IMG_2635 IMG_2655 IMG_2648 IMG_2640 IMG_2669 IMG_2677 IMG_2679 IMG_2657 IMG_2674 IMG_2734 IMG_2776 IMG_2824 IMG_2880 IMG_3191 IMG_3224 IMG_3188 IMG_3250 IMG_3254 IMG_3263 IMG_3245 IMG_3280 IMG_3268 IMG_3292 IMG_3307 IMG_3334 IMG_3325 IMG_3377