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Recently, i visited Base Camp Eagle View located at the heart of Naibosho conservancy which borders Maasai Mara Game Reserve. There was a lot to see and experience but my fascination was with the few birds i was able to spot.

Enjoy the few that i caught on camera.

Yellow Wattle Plover

This is the Yellow Wattled Plover, its common breeder in wet lowland habitats where it feeds on insects.

The Grey- headed king fisher is also found near water but unlike most kingfishers, its not aquatic. Perches on branch, unmoving for long periods while watching the ground for signs of insects or small lizards, bobbing head before diving on prey.

The Tawnay Eagle, its diet is largely fresh carrion of all kinds, but it will kill small mammals up to the size of a rabbit and also reptiles.

The Masked weaver bird nests in colonies, mainly from September to January. Males have several female partners, and build a succession of nests, typically 25 each season. 

Someone, please help identify this bird.

The Pied-Wagtail, can be distinguished by their constant tail wagging. When they are not standing and frantically wagging their tails up and down they can be seen flying over lawns or car parks in search of food. 

The two Maasai’s who were our security as we did the morning Safari walk from the over night camp to Base Camp Eagle view camp. Below is our walking encyclopedia and guide- Steve.

The day ended with some beautiful colours over the horizon.

As we were having a good time during the sundowner, i took this shot of the two Maasai ‘s having a chat.